Our Story

Proudly made in Britain. Ethically made, using biodegradable packaging.

I occasionally helped to look after Nick who needed to be hoisted in and out of his wheelchair and bed. He also had a bag strapped to his leg for a catheter. He was a large man so getting him clothed with access to this bag was difficult as he had no lower body movement.

I was asked to design a garment which could be used to line out the chair so he could be wrapped in it. I made it so that it could attach to his chair, and a Velcro front fastening made getting in and out easy.

I have developed the design to be made of polar fleece and with a snag free Velcro fastening. By lining out the chair it gives you a warm and cosy hug.

I am proud to say it is made in Britain, and uses biodegradable straps and packaging.

Sadly, Nick has passed away, but in his memory, his Nicosy lives on.

Our Products

  • Specially designed to fit most wheelchairs
  • Secure but adjustable one clip fastening
  • Garment covers vulnerable back area and back of legs to provide total warmth
  • Snag free velcro fastening at front to provide full seal along with quick
  • access when required
  • Tapered front sides to avoid wheel entrapment
  • Warm washable polar fleece material
  • Open at feet to allow access
  • The Nicosy is intended mainly for interior use

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Proudly made in Britain. Ethically made, using biodegradable packaging.