Our Nicosy wheelchairs wraps are popular amongst a wide group of people, from caravanners to keen fishermen but there is one special group of people that the Nicosy naturally lends itself to.. and that is our elderly loved ones.

Unique and useful

Our unique wheelchair wraps are designed to be securely fixed to a wheelchair so that a user can easily and comfortably sit within the wrap and fasten it over their legs to keep comfortable and warm.

Jane, the Founder of Nicosy created the garment in memory of her good friend Nick during her time as his carer. “ I was asked to design a garment which could be used to line out the chair so he could be wrapped in it. I made it so that it could attach to his chair, and a Velcro front fastening made it easy to get in and out of.”

A Nicosy offers all of the benefits of a favourite blanket without any of the drawbacks such as the risk of getting caught in the wheels, slipping at the back and looking untidy.

An expert opinion

Sarah, Owner of Suffolk Caring Companions has trialled use of the Nicosy and offered them to the people whose care she is responsible for. She found it to be easy to store, useful for a wide range of situations and particularly useful for:

  • Hospital appointments – it’s ‘easy to open Velcro fastening’ makes it very convenient
  • Trips out in cooler weather
  • Protection from light showers – Our soft-shell fabric options will keep you dry and warm

“It’s a great product that doesn’t get stuck in the wheels! Comes in so many great colours… “

Sarah Whitby. Owner of Suffolk caring Companions.

Nicosy owners are fans of their wheelchair wrap not only because it solves some very real irritations (!) but also because it is a premium product – made in the UK using the very best fabrics. Bespoke options are available for those that want something a little more special. Sarah says “One of my customers commented that they would be interested in a version that included a larger pocket function for fancy shopping days!”

Similar products are mostly limited in their bespoke offering, but a Nicosy can be ordered in many colours and patterns! When ordering, you can enter your measurements in the boxes provided online to ensure you get exactly what you want, tailored to you specifically.

Practical and comforting

We asked Sarah some questions about the daily challenges when caring for an elderly person and how a Nicosy could help…

            What challenges do you have when talking out a client that relies on a wheelchair?

Managing all the things my clients need, whilst at the same time making sure they are feeling secure and comfortable can be tricky! Knowing they are secure and comfortable without my needing to continually adjust their blanket is a huge help.

           How important is accessibility when you are covering your client’s legs?

Dignity is the highest concern so a product like the Nicosy means access can be easy, comfortable and dignified…

            What are the main benefits of being able to leave the home?

It is so important for elderly persons to stay connected to their community and a simple change of scenery can make a huge difference to mood which will have a significant impact on their general health and wellbeing.

            How can cold weather impact an elderly person?

The cold weather can reach them much more quickly and you won’t necessarily know if they are feeling cold so it’s important to wrap up warm and securely. A Nicosy is a great way of ensuring they stay warm and comfortable whilst looking smart.

“I would strongly recommend the Nicosy to a wheelchair user and always make sure my clients loved ones know that this is an option…”

The main benefits of a Nicosy:

  • Specially designed to fit most wheelchairs
  • Secure but adjustable one clip fastening
  • Garment covers vulnerable back area and back of legs to provide total warmth
  • Snag free Velcro fastening at front to provide full seal allowing quick
  • access when required
  • Tapered to avoid wheel entrapment
  • Warm washable polar fleece material
  • Open at feet to allow access
  • The Nicosy is intended mainly for interior use
  • Shell fleece available for exterior use in 4 colours

If you would like to ORDER A NICOSY or find out more, please visit our ONLINE SHOP or email us at info@nicosy.co.uk

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Sarah of Suffolk Caring Companions kindly took the time to share her thoughts on our product – please visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SuffolkCaringCompanions/ to see how she supports elderly members of her local community.

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