Hi, I’m Lori, a volunteer content creator from Access Your Life. As mentioned in our previous post where you met the rest of my team, we will regularly be taking over the NiCosy blog. Starting with my favourite ways to wear NiCosy wheelchair blankets!

Since joining the AYL team, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside companies that provide innovative services and products for people living with disabilities. Starting in January of last year, when a few members of the team travelled to a local park to participate in a photoshoot for NiCosy. It was a very chilly afternoon, which is a normal occurrence in Northern England. But as someone with hEDS and joint disorders, the cold weather can have a severe impact on my pain levels; so it is fair to say that upon leaving the house I was absolutely freezing cold! Combine this with the fact that wheelchair users often have impaired circulation in the lower legs, which is why I tend to feel the cold a lot more! 

Because of this, I was intrigued to see how this one of a kind wheelchair accessory could help me! Upon arrival, I was fitted with the blanket and instantly taken by surprise at just how much it helped trap in warm air and prevent my hips, legs and feet from getting too cold. Best of all, the soft elastic aged design meant I was able to self-propel without having to continually adjust the blanket. Finally, I was very impressed to see how small the product is when packed away – a huge bonus for people who need to bring a lot of medical equipment when leaving the house. For example – my wheelchair alone is a huge weight to transport, so this is always a bonus. 


Over the following weeks, I continued to use the blanket when out and about. However, I took the initiative to shield as soon as the coronavirus outbreak swept the globe in March, leaving me unable to get out and about in my chair. Yet pavements and public spaces in my local area were still too busy and largely inaccessible, so my mum and I used to go out for car journeys to get a change of scenery and occasionally enjoy a drive-thru lunch! 

During this time I started using my NiCosy blanket in the car, as it meant we could bring the dog and open the window without worrying about my legs getting cold. A small pleasure that has a huge impact on my mental well-being, as I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice yet another thing for my health. Instead, I can adapt and incorporate products, such as my blanket, into the smallest of activities to help me achieve a comfortable, independent and ‘normal’ life as possible. 


As a writer I spend quite a large amount of my time in front of a screen, typing away for extended periods. But because of my poor circulation and chronic hip pain, I can’t always have my legs elevated – so my NiCosy is a great help for those occasions when I want a snug blanket that won’t slip or fall off my legs. Unlike a lot of standard products, NiCosy ensures that customers can purchase a blanket that is suited to both their physical needs and style preferences. Therefore, I don’t feel like my blanket is out of place indoors, or in any environment for that matter. Plus, its physical benefits and smart presentation makes me want to use it because it does the job perfectly well, whilst also looking nice.

Where do you use your NiCosy? Let me know via the social links below!

* Oh and don’t forget to check out the collection of Nicosy reviews listed on the AYL Website by clicking HERE! *

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