Entrepreneur Jane is so passionate about her Nicosy that she is stepping out of retirement to steer it’s success, building a team of the best people who also feel strongly about her product. This is to help ensure it reaches wheelchair users that are looking for a way to be comfortable and cosy, easily.

The making of Nicosy

Jane was caring for a friend in the later stages of his life and found it was hard to keep him comfortable in his wheelchair. She is skilled with a sewing machine so set to task on creating for Nick a wrap that would stay in place and keep him comfortable (whilst also being easy to remove).

It seemed like a simple and obvious solution and was stunned to receive compliments and enquires about the Nicosy.  Once she realised that there was nothing quite like it available – Jane decided to produce them in Nick’s memory.

Why it is different?

Most wheelchair users will use a blanket to keep themselves comfortable and warm, however these can become tangled in the wheels. With a strap that fastens directly to the back of the chair a Nicosy will not slip down or become trapped, and when wrapped over the legs is secured by non-snag Velcro which means everything stays nicely in place.

Each Nicosy is made in Britain – and can be cut to order allowing choice of fabric design and fitting to be unique for the customer. It is thoroughly inspected at each stage to ensure quality before finally being carefully packed up and delivered to its owner.

You can buy the standard sizes (medium or large) but to have a Nicosy custom made so that it suits your exact requirements (visit


to see how you can custom yours).

Each Nicosy is created using the same, careful process…..

  • Single sheet of polar fleece fabric is hand cut to shape.
  • This is adjusted for custom orders.
  • For bespoke orders there are 70+ colour options to choose from.
  • Strong strap is sewn on (no glue)
  • Velcro is stitched on and the waist elastic is stitched in.
  • Other requested bespoke options are applied where relevant.
  • Finally pockets and labels are applied.
  • Your Nicosy is passed through a thorough, final examination to ensure it is perfect.
  • Product is hand packed and sent to you directly.

A labour of love

“It is so important to me that owners love their Nicosy, we want each one to make a real difference to the comfort and wellbeing of their owners. The attention to detail our creation team apply to each item makes all the difference.”

Stay Tuned For Our Next Blog Post – Jane

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