Hi, I’m Lauren Perry, a volunteer content creator from Access Your Life. As part of our company takeover, I thought it would be beneficial to share some of the highlights from my five star NiCosy review, which you can read in full by clicking here HERE.

As a newly ambulatory (part-time) wheelchair user, I’ve only just realised have how cold it gets when using my chair. We are not ‘exercising’ in the same way we would be when walking and therefore are not keeping our bodies warm by moving; yet keeping warm is vital in managing my symptoms, particularly pain and circulation. Fellow wheelchair users will know just how much of a pain it is when a regular blanket gets stuck in the wheels, whilst you are trying to self propel or steer a joystick! So when I received my Nicosy wheelchair blanket, I wondered why I hadn’t got one sooner!

Together the adjustable side release buckle and velcro fastening allow the blanket to clip around the back of any chair, open up the blanket; sit down and then fasten down the centre/front of your legs. I struggle with fiddly things such as buttons and zips, so bending forward to zip something up is impossible. Making it difficult if I don’t have someone on hand to help, as most wheelchair blankets require this action. Thankfully I can use my NiCosy without the support of my carer, allowing me to maintain a level of independence. Plus I find ‘sleeping bag’ style blankets too restrictive, so I also really appreciate the fact this blanket opens at the feet makes me feel much more at ease.

Not only is the Nicosy blanket perfect for wheelchair users, but it is also brilliant for indoor use such as sitting on the sofa reading. Other uses of the Nicosy include sitting in an armchair, taking to the hospital, relaxing on a sun lounger in the garden, and during a long day trip. I particularly love using my NiCosy on the beach in Brighton. 

This is more than just a wheelchair blanket and is 100% worth every penny! I love it so much that I am considering getting another one for the car as this one now sits permanently on my chair!

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